Monday, October 25, 2010


It's more serious than it appers to be at first sight because of its mixture of colorful images and short texts, advertising everywhere, funny videos and media information: don't leave out this web page! It won't dissapoint you! Even more if you're working all day long and you can't find time to read a broadsheet!
Besides it's cheaper and easier to read than a common newspaper, it's a good way to be up-to-date with breaking news and interesting articles.
Are you bored doing the same? Music, videos, interviews, famous pictures, games are some of the things you can download legally to entertain yourself. An interesting point is if you're a member of the page, you can write a note and upload it to be seen by the other members and receive opinions about your writing.
If you're at school or university and want to do some work, search for science or language information.
Boing boing is a complete and organizez blog which is divided into categories such as Science, Entertaintment, Music, Video, Gadgets, Business, Art and Design, among others and you can look at some photo archives that are really good. It's also possible to enter Facebook od Twitter from this page.
So, if you're surfing the internet, taking a rest, and you want to see something different from other blogs, click ok and share it with your friends or family!