Monday, May 17, 2010

First contact online

Newbie at blogging?
Don't worry! This video will help you get started.

Now let's get to know each other a little better. Post a comment saying something about yourself. I know we have introduced ourselves in class, but not everybody was present when we did so.
Well, who will set the ball rolling? Hope to hear from you soon.
Just click on  'comments' below, write your entry, post it and start blogging.


  1. HI
    As I´ve told you I love English and I´ve been studying this language for a long time.
    I´m married and have two sons, Ezequiel is 23 and Alexis is 21. My husband is an accountant and I´m a system analist but I work in a different activity.
    A cousin of mine and me run a marble shop who belonged to my father. We started in October 2003 and we´re still in charge.
    I´m really glad to have the opportunity to share with you different experiences in this blog.
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. hi girls! not all of you have listened to my introducing in class so i´m going to tell you something about me. I´m studying international relations at the public university here in Rosario but I´m from San Nicolas, a town at the north of Bs.As so I´m new here in Cultural. I´m studying english because I do not want to loose the practice and besides I know it is very important for my future.
    hope to hear something about you,

  3. Although I have listened to all your introductions, there are things that either I don't remember or you didn't mention, so this is a wonderful place to get to know each other a little better. Thanks for posting your introductions and I hope to hear from other people soon.

  4. Hi girls!!!
    As I told you in my introducing in class, I´m studying English because I love it and I´ve been studying it for a long time.
    I´m married and I have a son, Mariano is 17 and he is finishing school this year.I´m accountant and I´ve been working in the accountancy sector of a company for the last four years.
    It´s my first experience at a blog and I hope to hear something about you soon.

  5. Great Viviana, if you like the experience you might like to start a personal blog yourself.

  6. Hello I´m María Laura, I work and live in Rosario but I´m from Casilda. I work in a lab in the Hospital Italiano, making blodd tests and other things...
    well..I´m not too inspired this I´ll tell you more about me..bye..see you in class

  7. Well Laura, when are you going to be more inspired and tell us more about you?
    Just kidding! Thanks for visiting the blog and contributing.