Monday, May 31, 2010

Who is this person? GUESS IT !

Hi girls!
Here's is a profile! Try to guess who the person is ! It's not difficult at all.

He's one of the most polemical militar leaders in the whole world. Genocide, that was his aim, to keep his race pure.
This man was in charge of the German Government from 1933 to 1945, and was commander-in-chief during the Second World War, representing his country.
Although a large number of people trusted him, he's as a terrible person for having commited gross human-rights violations: the deliberate murder of thousands of members of on ethnic group. At that time, nobody wanted to challenge him because of his power and impenetrability. It's said that he exerted a strong personal magnetism that persuaded the masses.
During his childhood and adolescence he lived in Austria. He though he was good at painting, but he wasn't. Then he moved to Munich to avoid being drafted into the Austrian Army. There, in Munich, he started his political career, and from then he didn't stop until his suicide in 1945.
Nowadays, he's remembered due to the cruel and inhuman actions carried out by his delegates.
He seiged control of country and transformed it into an enormous concentration camp.


  1. the only person with this characteristis is.. Adolf I right?

  2. I agree with Maria Laura. You are talking about Adolf Hitler, aren´t you?