Saturday, June 5, 2010


She was one of the most famous women involved in working with poor people.
She was not only a pretty face but also a warm-hearted human being.
In her twenties she fell in love with a nobleman and being so young she married
him. Her marriage was not so happy as she had hoped and trying to give
meaning to her life she started to help disabled children and people with
incurable illnesses.
She was not really happy in her private life, she tried to commit suicide several
times and suffered from anorexia and serious depression.
Despite her unhappiness, she travelled around the world helping all those in need.
During one of her trips she met Mother Teresa in Calcuta.
She belonged to the nobility and was only a princess but was loved by the people
of her country who called her "THE QUEEN OF HEARTS".
The world will always remember her elegance, her shy smile and her humbleness.
Who is she?


  1. I think she is Diana, Princess of Wales.

  2. I also think she's Princess Diana.
    Isn't she?